I wanted to take a moment to express how very much we appreciate your monumental efforts to achieve an equitable outcome with my former employer. I thought that I would never see any of my backpay and that my stock would never be worth anything. When an opportunity arose to sell the company, my boss was determined that I did not deserve to participate and would get nothing. He wanted to punish me for opposing his futile ventures over the years and for speaking out against him in company meetings.

As it turned out, all was not lost. Enter Bob “KO” Baker. Into my corner came a skilled practitioner who crafted a winning strategy. Your knowledge and craftsmanship were so critically instrumental in the result. You took a broken mess and pieced together a strategy which created an outcome far greater than I had once hoped to achieve.

My wife and I will forever be sincerely grateful for all that you have done. You have had a major impact on our lives and our future well-being. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- DC 2012