Dear Bob,

You are a fighter and you never give up. Your extraordinary intelligence, focus and guidance got us through the most difficult time in our lives. You are meticulous in your research and no detail is too small for you. You pushed us when we needed to be pushed but waited until we were ready. Most importantly, you never lost sight of the goal.

Gratefully Yours,

- S.R. – Client

“I wanted to thank you for you efforts and for keeping up a constant fight for me. No other lawyer on earth would have done for me and my wife what you have done in a matter of days. You have done everything possible from every angle, treating the case as truly yours. You are a true fighter!”

- C.K. Current Client

“In my mind, Bob Baker is the best litigation attorney in So California.

Moreover, he has represented me for over 20 years in diverse business matters, and has always been concise, decisive, intelligent, and clear in his advice.

He has also represented me in personal matters and has been considerate and discreet as well.

As a former attorney myself, I know what I am talking about. As an owner or partner in a number of businesses, I can also attest to Mr. Baker’s ability to provide nuanced counsel and collaborative advice.”

- Owner, GVD Commercial Properties

“If you want a real gladiator, then I highly recommend Robert Baker. He is fearless, won’t back down from a fight, and is as smart as a whip. He can handle any case and has the writing, examination, and verbal skills necessary to take your case to trial and win it. There are no guarantees in any case, but if you want to dramatically increase your chances of prevailing, then I strongly suggest you hire Robert Baker. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Attorney/Former Client

Dear Robert:

“I want to thank you for everything you did for us… To say we are grateful is an understatement. You did a tremendous job for us and I am deeply grateful for all the work you put in and knowing the very large risk of time and money you took on our behalf. You were always accessible and very kind to my entire family, and we felt very comfortable knowing your instructions were always in our best interest. You also pushed us when such “pushing” was needed. So again, my wife and I want to thank you and express our true gratitude.”

- A.S./Former Client