Judgments / Verdicts / Awards

  1. An arbitration award in the amount of approximately $3,500,000 in favor of a California engineering firm against a purchaser for breach of contract together with attorneys’ fees. (2003)
  2. A $2,000,000 arbitration award for breach of a hotel management agreement against the owner by the operator. (2004)
  3. A copyright infringement judgment issued in an adversary proceeding by the bankruptcy court for the Central District of California in the amount of approximately $1,000,000 including attorneys’ fees. (2008)
  4. In an arbitration of a dispute over the dissolution of law partnership, Petitioner sought $3,000,000 and obtained zero. Respondent was awarded attorneys’ fees, but the case settled prior to the fee hearing. (2010)
  5. A jury verdict for $515,000 and $125,000 in attorneys’ fees in a construction defect case. (1996)
  6. A judgment in the United States District Court of Hawaii for summary adjudication on issues of liability against a knock-off artist for copying jewelry designs of Plaintiff. Court ordered that damages were to be measured by the gross receipts of Defendant. Thereupon, the case settled for the limits of Defendant’s insurance policy. (2004)
  7. A Special Motion to Strike an Unfair Competition/Defamation Complaint was granted by Los Angeles Superior Court. Attorneys’ fees in the amount of $44,211.50 were awarded. (2007)
  8. A Special Motion to Strike a Defamation Complaint was granted by Los Angeles Superior Court. Attorneys’ Fees were settled at $24,500 before the fee award hearing. (2012)
  9. After trial on an attorney fee collection/defense of malpractice complaint, a Los Angeles jury awarded the exact amount requested-$162,000 plus all fees incurred in collecting. (1992)
  10. In a fee collection/malpractice defense, the arbitrator found for the attorney on all malpractice claims and the fee claim. The Court awarded over $100,000 in fees incurred in collecting. (1996)
  11. A summary judgment in favor of one joint venture partner against another in office building development project. The court awarded $144,000 in attorneys’ fees. (1993). Affirmed on appeal.
  12. A Ninth Circuit decision ruling that fees of construction manager are wages entitled to preference in bankruptcy. (1998)
  13. A summary judgment in favor of law firm in legal malpractice arising from representation in real estate transaction. Affirmed on appeal. (2001)
  14. An arbitration award in favor of law firm in legal malpractice case involving tax advice. (1999)
  15. An arbitration award in favor of law firm in the amount of $180,000 plus legal fees and against film producer in fee collection/malpractice case. (1991)
  16. An arbitration award in favor of a real estate salesperson against his employer for breach of contract in the amount of $160,000 plus attorneys’ fees. (2010)
  17. A successful writ of mandate on behalf of a principal of a Pasadena High School alleging that his notice of reassignment was untimely. (1980)
  18. Summary judgment for law firm affirmed on appeal on claim brought by fired secretaries who had failed to disclose on job application their felony convictions and incarceration in federal penitentiary-establishing after-acquired evidence rule in California employment law.
  19. Grant of petition charging interest of partner in partnership with judgment against partner obtained by clients of firm in another action.


  1. Class action challenging provisions in health club membership agreement of large California chain of health club studios as being misleading and in violation of California regulating health clubs. Agreement and practices were changed going forward. Lead plaintiff recovered on personal claims. Attorneys’ fees paid.
  2. Class action against iconic international retailing chain for fraudulent return policies and related advertising practices. Practices were immediately terminated. Lead plaintiff was compensated, attorneys’ fees paid.
  3. Class action against carrier of household goods for violating rules of Public Utilities Commission in its agreement and practices. The practices and agreement were changed, the lead plaintiff was compensated, attorneys’ fees were paid.
  4. Settlement on behalf of a group of LAUSD teachers and 2 others against LAUSD, Birmingham Charter School and other Defendants. Terms are confidential.
  5. Settlement of claims among many partners arising from milli0ns lost attempting to sell pizza.
  6. Settlement of the following major construction defect disputes:
    1. Salem High School, Salem MA.
    2. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.
    3. Santa Monica Beach Hotel (“Shutters”).
    4. Former lock-down psychiatric facility in San Fernando Valley.
    5. Six large apartment complexes in Hollywood.
    6. Criminal charges arising from fatal construction accident while constructing LA subway.
    7. Twin-Towers, Century City, CA.
    8. Charles River Plaza, Boston.
  7. A $1,100,000 settlement against defendant and 2 law firms in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding.
  8. Settlement of a declaratory relief action and related claims brought by a 30% shareholder in a Silicon Valley Company against a charge that he owned no interest in the company. His interest was acknowledged and bought out.
  9. Settlement of wrongful death claims arising from the mid-air crash over Tenerife.
  10. Settlement of death benefit suit by widow of Massachusetts employee. After many years of denying the benefit, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts paid the benefit plus all accrued interest to the widow on the eve of trial.
  11. Settlement of breach of fiduciary duty claim against trustee- case was withdrawn.
  12. Settlement of dispute among joint venture operators of shopping center/hotel in Kalispell, Montana.
  13. Settlement of dispute between anchor tenant and shopping center owner in Orange County, CA.
  14. Settlement of dispute between anchor tenant and shopping center owner in Tuscon, AZ.
  15. Settlement between owner of shopping centers in Pacific Northwest and anchor tenant in several of the centers.
  16. Settlement of dispute among partners in failed pizza franchise generating substantial losses.
  17. Settlement of fraud claim against producer of commercials who had staged his residence to conceal the true boundary lines, building and planting on City territory and representing that land as part of the sale.
  18. Settlement of suit against County of San Diego over whether client had the lowest responsive bid for telecommunications contract.
  19. Settlement of a lawsuit brought against a private school for the expulsion of a student for exercising his free speech rights off campus. The student was re-admitted.