The Firm is located at the beach in Venice, CA (population approx. 40,000), upon the beach-side promenade that is lined by the world famous Muscle Beach outdoor gym, basketball courts, musicians and artists. Gold’s Gym, the Mecca of Bodybuilding, is a short walk from the Firm, as is the Penmar Golf course and Venice Pier.

Among those who have called Venice their home are: Jim Morrison (whose estate Bob Baker’s former firm probated) Ray Manzarek (previously represented by Bob), Kate Beckinsale, Anjelica Huston, Nicolas Cage, Lindsay Lohan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Viggo Mortenson, Paul Giamatti, George Carlin, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Dennis Hopper, Simpson’s creator Matt Groening and South Park co-creator Matt Stone.

Venice has seen a recent influx of internet and other high tech companies including Google, Mogreet, Jobjab, Mirada, Demand Media, Wemo Media, Fishbowl and others, earning the sobriquet “Silicon Beach.” Recently 20 companies took part in a Silicon Beach Town Hall meeting. The Firm is committed to the rational growth and continued success of the area, and supports the harmonious co-existence of its residents, businesses and artists.

The business of the Firm mirrors the interests of the community as a whole. We handle intellectual property cases in the internet, entertainment and sports fields, drawing clients from the creative community as well as from Gold’s Gym and muscle beach. We have extensive experience in real estate, construction and land-use litigation, all of which are “hot” in Venice. The Firm also has handled electronic stalking, intellectual property, name appropriation, invasion of privacy and other cases against internet companies, and is familiar with issues of federal immunity for internet service providers. The Firm has counseled several local businesses including one prominent business located on Wilshire Blvd. The Firm has been involved in interactions between LAPD and the community, and is known world-wide for its international human rights work.

The reach of the Firm extends from Venice world-wide. It has been involved in human rights issues in Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali and Nigeria in the past two years and has worked with the Open Society Initiative of George Soros to protect human rights around the globe. Human rights advocates world-wide know “those human rights lawyers from Venice” for their tireless work to redress and prevent egregious human rights violations. The Firm supports the work of the International Criminal Court in the Hague which recently sentenced Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, to 50 years in prison for heinous human rights violations in The Ivory Coast.

The Firm expects to remain in Venice and to be a force for the improvement of the community.