Despite the formation of other high-tech hubs throughout the United States, Silicon Valley (the southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area) still accounts for 1/3 of all venture capital investment in the United States.

The Firm is particularly well-suited to represent Silicon Valley clients, and it does so regularly. Like its high-tech clients, the Firm is lean, quick on the up-take, and adaptive. The Firm has sued Silicon Valley companies on behalf of senior executives who were being unfairly excluded from sharing in the rewards of the company being sold. It has also represented parties contesting terms of a shareholders’ agreement. It has represented lawyers disputing how to divide the contingency fees recovered in connection with a major victory in high tech litigation. Recently, Robert Baker attended a conference at Stanford Law School commemorating the tenth anniversary of the International Criminal Court. Present were world renowned international law professors, an ambassador, a Justice of the ICC, the Clerk of the ICC, one of the prosecutors from the Nuremburg trials, many international lawyers and other supporters of human rights. Bob Baker also handled two substantial arbitrations between the owner and the operator of large hotels concerning the terms of the operating agreements.