After a string of flops culminating with Cleopatra, 20th Century Fox sold 180 acres of its back lot, leading to the development of Century City Gateway West in 1963, followed by the Century Plaza Hotel a year later. The area continued to expand and is now the home for many of the region’s major law, financial and entertainment firms.

When Robert Baker was a young associate, he participated in litigation involving the construction of the Twin Towers. Since then, he has been involved in many cases involving investors, landlords, tenants, sellers, purchasers and others engaged in the real estate business in Century City. The Firm has represented one of the major Century City accounting firms serving the entertainment industry, and it remains an important source of referrals. The Firm settled litigation brought by a group of the accounting firm’s clients against an investment advisor. The Firm also settled a dispute between that accounting firm and one of its founding partners without the necessity of any litigation being filed.

The Firm also established the “after-acquired evidence” rule in California employment law by obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a local law firm that had been sued by former employees on various trumped up claims. In the course of investigating the case, the Firm discovered that these erstwhile employees were convicted felons who had served time in federal prison, a fact omitted from their employment applications and which, if disclosed, would have disqualified them from employment. Summary judgment was affirmed on appeal on the ground that Plaintiffs could not sue to enforce rights granted pursuant to a fraudulently obtained relationship.

The Firm also sued two major Century City law firms for malpractice in an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court, obtaining a confidential settlement.

The Firm has also represented major motion picture studios, assisting them in protecting their intellectual property, as well as having handled suits against the studios arising from their accounting practices. The Firm has represented talent in negotiations with producers although the focus of the firm’s business is litigation.