Beverly Hills is a small City west of Los Angeles consuming disproportionate cultural and psychic space due to its wealth, and the glamour of some of its residents and their homes. Established in 1909, work commenced on the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1911. By 1920, there were just 674 inhabitants. By 1930, that number had grown to 17,429, half the number recorded in 2010. Growth since 1950 has been slow. Of the 10 largest employers, 4 are hotels, 2 are talent agencies, one is a retail store, one is a realtor. The City itself and its school district round out the top ten employers.

The firm has represented many wealthy individuals and celebrities who reside in Beverly Hills as well as some of its largest employers. It has also represented and/or sued some of its iconic institutions. The firm resolved a dispute between a director of children’s’ services and one Beverly Hills church. Robert Baker has represented the Beverly Hilton Hotel in several matters and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in major construction litigation as well as many small Beverly Hill business owners.

The construction litigation for Cedars-Sinai involved hundreds of thousands of documents, dozens of parties and millions of dollars. It involved the most up-to-date technology of the time, complicated construction scheduling issues, many trades and the interaction of the trades, architectural and supervision issues, dozens of motions and depositions, and over a hundred witnesses.

Bob Baker and the Firm also handled litigation involving several hotels in Beverly Hills, including construction, intellectual property, operational, and restaurant issues.

The Firm successfully represented a senior executive of a major lending institution located in Beverly Hills, bringing a libel action against a person involved in the charter school process who defamed him for speaking his mind at a public meeting.