A Network of Experienced Trial Lawyers

The Firm maintains low overhead but keeps close professional and personal ties with other small firms comprised of lawyers with the same background, experience and professionalism as Bob Baker in order to form a band of litigation brothers (and sisters) capable of taking on large, complex litigation. This model has allowed the Firm to take on Royal Dutch Petroleum, as well as the many international corporations filing amicus briefs in support of RDP’s positions. This collegial approach also allows the Firm to take on large class action cases and other highly complex matters. Among the lawyers with which the firm associates are Schonbrun, Seplow, Harris, Hoffman & Harrison, LLP; Dale Gronemeier & Associates, Jon Borderud & Associates; Perez, Vaughn and Feasby, Inc. and Loeb & Loeb LP.

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Supreme Court Briefs in Kiobel v RDP