The firm spent approximately 10 years as the go-to defense firm for a major LA full service law firm. Our work included:

  1. defending malpractice claims
  2. collecting large receivables
  3. handling employment disputes

During our representation, our client was never held to be negligent and paid out not one cent to an employee. Our results included:

  1. Summary judgment with a substantial fee award in a malpractice action (upheld on appeal);
  2. Summary judgment in an employment case upheld in an appeal that established the after acquired evidence rule in California.
  3. A defense judgment in arbitration followed by the imposition of a fee award by the Orange County Superior Court upon confirmation of the award;
  4. A defense judgement in a complex tax malpractice claim in arbitration;
  5. a settlement with a Hollywood producer following a successful arbitration.

Bob Baker has also occasionally served as an expert witness defending attorneys on issues relating to the standard of care.