Intellectual Property The firm practices in the area of Intellectual Property, copyright and trademark. Copyright law protects literary works including novels, poems, plays, and films as well as artistic works such as paintings, photographs, sculptures and architectural designs. Protection extends to performers in their performance and producers in their production.

The Firm engages in representation of matters regarding issues of: subject matter of copyright protection; rights comprised in copyright; related rights; ownership of copyright; limitations on copyright; piracy and infringement; and remedies.

The firm also practices in the area of Trademark litigation. Trademark practice involves symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. The issues encountered by the firm include: signs that may serve as trademarks, criteria for protection, registration, rights from protection, piracy, counterfeiting and imitation, licensing, trade names and transfer of ownership.

It successfully represented the publisher of childrens’ workbooks against a school district whose employees photocopied the workbooks for use in class.

The firm also obtained a large recovery against a Hawaiian vendor who knocked off unique jewelry designs of a client and competed against the client with a knock off of his own designs.

The firm obtained a million dollar judgment in an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court for intentional interference with the copyright of three novels (theft of a computer with the novels on it).