Do You Practice Law In States Other Than California?

Yes, Robert P. Baker has been admitted to practice law in individual cases in Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York and other states. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Bar, on retired status. He has participated in lawsuits in Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida and other states.

Do You Take Cases On A Contingency?

We take cases in the area of international human rights with the expectation that we will be compensated only from any recovery by the clients. We also take appropriate class action cases on a contingency. Other than those cases, generally we expect the clients to participate in the cost and risk of litigation. We have taken cases on a blend of a fixed fee up front plus a lower than typical contingent fee that is payable from any recovery. Occasionally, we also take cases for a lower than customary hourly rate plus a lower than typical contingent fee that is payable from any recovery. The clients have to pay the costs of any litigation.

What Is Your Customary Hourly Rate?

The Firm’s hourly rates vary with the nature of the matter, its complexity, our experience with the type of case, our current workload, and whether we have a history with the client. We will quote a fee after considering your case with you.

Do You Do Legal Work Other Than Litigation?

The Firm has drafted real estate documents of various kinds including leases, purchase and sale agreements, easements, notes, trust deeds and the like. We have also drafted wills and trusts. Over 90% of the Firm’s work is litigation.

Has The Bar Ever Disciplined You For Unethical Conduct?

No. I have practiced for 37 years without any discipline from the California or Massachusetts Bars and in fact have achieved the highest ratings from my peers for both ethics and competence for 20 straight years.