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Common Questions About Mediation

Posted by lfsuser on  July 30, 2021
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Going through Santa Monica mediation can be a lot quicker than going to court. In many cases, people who go through mediation decide that there is no need to get the court involved. Disputes are often settled within a day or two. Is Mediation Confidential? Litigants often ask whether mediation is “confidential.” They fail to recognize just how complicated that question really is. A mediator is required by his code of ethics to keep confidential
Mediators are vital to any negotiation or settlement. They help you understand the issues, circumstances, and remedies available to you. They compare and contrast the difference between accepting the available settlement proposals with the direct and indirect costs of continued litigation. In other words, they describe the best alternative to a negotiated resolution. They also assist parties in exercising their right to self-determination in order to conclude their dispute, without an expensive and lengthy trial.
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Evaluative Vs Facilitative Mediation

Posted by lfsuser on  March 3, 2021
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If you have decided to mediate your dispute you now have an important decision to make—in what sort of Mediation should you engage? There are two main approaches to business Mediation in Santa Monica, Venice and Los Angeles—Evaluative Mediation and Facilitative Mediation. What are these two types of Mediation, how do they differ and which is right for your Dispute? To answer these questions, you should start by asking why are you mediating in the
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Why Mediate Your Dispute

Posted by lfsuser on  February 3, 2021
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If your business interests, brand or intellectual property have been harmed by another company, you have every right to seek compensation or an injunction. The traditional route to seek redress is to build up a case and sue, in the hope that the other party will offer a reasonable settlement at some point prior to an expensive and uncertain trial. But even if your case does not go to trial, involving yourself in a lawsuit can be very costly. Litigation expenses